A Top 10 List Of Readers’ Sexual Fantasies: Fetish Parties, Forests, Science Fiction, And More

November 29, 2013 by Justin Lehmiller

Research has found that sexual fantasies are common for people of all genders and sexual orientations [1]. However, there is a lot of variability in what people fantasize about. As some evidence of this, let’s look at a sampling of sexual fantasies submitted by readers of The Psychology of Human Sexuality. If you would like to submit your fantasy for potential inclusion in a future Top 10 List, check out the Reader Survey tab at the top of this page where you can report your information anonymously and participate in a brief sex survey. Thanks to all who submitted for this edition!

10. Bisexual female: My fantasy is to attend a CMNF (Clothed Male Nude Female) party where the men are dressed to the 9s and the women are naked except for heels, jewelry and makeup. As the party progresses, my significant other for the occasion joins several other couples in a “dungeon” where I am tied, whipped and ordered to perform sexual acts with the other girls and guys while my partner looks on and directs.

9. Heterosexual male: Having sex with my wife’s best friend. We get caught in the act by my wife, but then she joins in.

8. Heterosexual female: Attend one of those sex shows or fetish gatherings with my partner and just go wild in front of everybody – and the more exotic the better!

7. Heterosexual female: Making passionate love to someone I deeply love. Experiencing many positions, 69 included would be included. The scenery would be in the woods on a mattress. Both my partner and myself would feel completely comfortable, confident, connected, and we would both experience a sense of coalescence.

6. Heterosexual male: Watching my wife have sex with another man (cuckold fantasy).

5. Heterosexual female: Carefree, naked frolicking in the forest for hours: balanced gingerly on tree limbs, spread eagled on moss patches, passionate grinding in creeks, pushed up against tree trunks, bent over a boulder…you name it!

4. Heterosexual female: It’s my last week of my last semester of my senior year in college. I have been in the library nonstop for the past few weeks. There is a boy I’ve never talked to but always notice in the library with me. I have always found him extremely attractive in a nerdy way. We sometimes make eye contact across the room. I feel his eyes on me and catch him staring at me but he never had the courage to come over and talk to me. It’s 5 AM and we are the only ones in the library. There hasn’t been anyone else in the room for hours. The sexual tension is unbearable. We both know that we are graduating and this desire will never be fulfilled if not right now. I finally stand up and walk in his direction but past the table he is sitting at. Instead I walk into the shelves of books. I keep walking further down the hall, grazing my fingers on the books I pass, then I get to the end. I am in the self-help section. I hear footsteps behind me but don’t turn around. I get nervous and pick a book off the shelf and start flipping through the pages. The footsteps are getting closer. Finally they stop and a few seconds go by. I turn around and he is 3 feet away from me, shaking, looking terrified but animalistic at the same time. We make eye contact and the corners of our mouths turn up for a split second until the book falls out of my hand and makes a loud echo, forcing both of us to lunge at each other. Although I use great force, he is stronger and pushes me up against the book shelf, forcing my face up with his hand that’s on the back of my neck, pulling my hair. His hips press against mine. While kissing my neck, one hand is up my shirt, the other hand under my skirt pulling off my underwear. I am ferociously ripping off his belt and unzipping his pants. We ravish each other for an hour, failing at keeping the noise to a minimum. He keeps covering my mouth as I can’t control the moaning, shushing me. Eventually we hear the noise of a group of kids coming into the library to study and we are forced to compose ourselves. I get up, give him a kiss on the cheek, and tell him to wait 5 minutes. I go back to the table I had been sitting at and resume studying. He comes back in 5 minutes. I manage to not look up at him for a few minutes but when I do we make eye contact and burst into uncontrollable laughter. We get dirty looks from the others for making noise, but still can’t control our laughter.

3. Pansexual female: Having sex on top of the astronomy tower in the Harry Potter series. For real.

2. Bisexual female: My lover takes my urethral virginity with a stainless steel sound.

1. Heterosexual male: I am running away from something that wants to morally corrupt me. I get lost in a forest. I stumble across a wooden cabin where multiple busty, curvy, young women live, all of different races. They are giggling and don’t seem to want to understand the seriousness of the situation. I try to explain to them what’s happening but they beckon me in and offer me strange smelling drinks, giggling and flirting. I accept the drink and suddenly feel warm and aroused. They flirt more making me want to give into pure lust but I know that something is going to get me. The more I try and get my head together the more aroused they make me. I make to leave but the most good looking one stands right before me, naked, her hands covering her breasts and pubic hair, looking that way women do when they’re horny. I lose control and start having dirty sex with all of them. They grow elf ears and sharp incisors and I turn into a dragon. I become both their sex slave (because I am trapped by lust) and their sex master (because I am a dragon) and live in this weird sexual paradox for the rest of time, until I am slain by my son (born to the woman who first tempted me), which restarts the entire cycle of the universe.

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[1] Leitenberg, H., & Henning, K. (1995). Sexual fantasy. Psychological Bulletin, 117, 469-496.

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