A Top Ten List of Women’s Sexual Fantasies: Zac Efron, Fire Fighters, Batman, And More

May 11, 2012 by Justin Lehmiller

A few weeks back, I posted an article about how men’s and women’s sexual fantasies differ. As I mentioned in that piece, women’s fantasies typically contain a fair amount of emotional and romantic content. In addition, their fantasies usually aren’t as sexually explicit as men’s and are less likely to feature multiple partners. To explore women’s fantasies in a bit more detail, I have prepared a top ten list of sexual fantasies that women have anonymously submitted to me over the years. You’ll notice that a number of the fantasies do include romantic imagery. However, you’ll also find that women sometimes fantasize about the same things as men, with occasional mentions of sexy celebrities, masked superheroes, and threesomes. Enjoy!

10. Me and Zac Efron alone on a beach. That is all.

9. Make love in a pile of satin sheets in the hills of Scotland with the most erotic and sexually pleasing Italian man, who has a very defined six pack and the “V.”

8. I think it feels really good to sink your hands into powdered sugar when you’re baking, so I think it would feel really good if my partner covered my entire body in powdered sugar before sex.

7. My fantasy is that for once I reach orgasm before my partner.

6. I would like my significant other to dress up as Batman and save me. [Editor’s Note: I have received a lot of role-playing fantasies from women that involve superheroes, but the ladies seem to think Batman is the sexiest masked crusader by far. Now you know what to wear for Halloween, guys!]

5. One of my fantasies is resisting a man and playing hard to get, but he gets tired of the game and forces me into sex, even though I’m resisting (but I secretly want it).

4. One of my sexual fantasies is to have sex with my boyfriend and another man (ideally, a male porn star). I would enjoy equal participation from everyone. Threesome baby!

3. One of my recurring fantasies involves my girlfriend. In it she is a fire fighter and comes home after a long day and we share a wonderful night of passionate love together. I don’t know what it is, but the image of a girl in uniform is a total turn on! [Editor’s Note: Based on the fantasies I’ve received, both heterosexual and lesbian women find uniforms, and fire fighters uniforms in particular, to be very sexy!]

2. I would LOVE to get it from behind while standing in front of a glass window overlooking the entire city of Vegas (or any other sweet city) from a hot, muscular, dark haired BAD BOY wearing leather that I pick up from the bars that night.

1. My fantasy is to be a princess, get swept off my feet by my Prince Charming, ride off into the sunset on his white horse and then GET IT ON!

In case you missed it, here’s a Top Ten List of men’s sexual fantasies. If you would like to submit your fantasy for potential inclusion in a future article, please take the Reader Survey.

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