Fantasy Friday: A Top 10 List of Sexual Fantasies

February 17, 2012 by Justin Lehmiller

In lieu of answering sex questions this Friday, I’m posting a Top 10 list of sexual fantasies that people have anonymously submitted to me over the years. It’s sort of like my own version of Post Secret, except that people only tell me their sex fantasies. The fantasies below are not necessarily the most common ones I’ve received—they’re just fantasies I found interesting and decided to share. As you read them, try and guess whether they were written by men or by women. The answers are included at the end of the post so that you can test your “sexpertise.” As you’ll see, sometimes it’s pretty easy, but it’s not always as obvious as it seems. In the coming weeks, I’ll post an article about scientific research on sex fantasies to help you better understand gender differences in fantasy content, as well as why we fantasize in the first place. Until then, enjoy!

10. Having sex in the bathroom at a club after dancing with the other person. We aren’t able to restrain ourselves.

9. Muscle man in black Under Armor in a weight room on a weight bench.

8. Britney Spears in a school girl’s outfit comes into the room with a ruler and spanks me with it.

7. Having sex in the front seat of a classic ’67 mustang while it’s running. Must be at least a 427 V8. Smells like Diesel.

6. Hot tub filled with whipped cream, pudding, and multiple blondes.

5. We’re out for a drive in the country and it starts to rain. We pull into the driveway at home and my partner pulls me into the barn, where we make love on a bale of hay as the rain continues outside.

4. Harry Potter uses both of his magical wands on me.

3. Two words: zero gravity. Let me lay out a scenario. I’m an astronaut on the space station, my stay has gone past two weeks and the sexual tension has reached its peak with a fellow astronaut. One night, while the earth is looming large in the space station window, we engage in passionate space love.

2. The Bears win the Super Bowl. Then I get some.

1. Doing it in the back of a church with a bunch of people there. Then we’d do it on the back of a police car after being arrested.

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10. Woman; 9. Woman; 8. Man; 7. Woman; 6. Man; 5. Woman; 4. Woman; 3. Man; 2. Man; 1. Woman

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