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Video: Is There a Sex Difference in Intelligence?

March 10, 2017 by Justin Lehmiller

The question of whether men and women differ when it comes to intelligence has long been a subject of scientific debate. For instance, some researchers have argued that men have superior intellect because their brains, on average, tend to be larger compared to women. Others, however, have argued that brain size in and of itself is a relatively meaningless metric to consider, especially in light of the fact that numerous animal species have larger brains than humans, but aren’t necessarily smarter than we are.

For a brief overview of what the research in this area has found, check out the video below from our friends over at ASAP Science. In addition to exploring the debate over the meaning of sex differences in brain size, they also review studies comparing how men and women stack up in terms of IQ tests (including the differing interpretations of those results) and consider the potential real world implications of the popular stereotype that men have stronger mathematical and scientific abilities than women.

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