Episode 191: The 4 Types of Affairs Women Have

May 19, 2023 by Justin Lehmiller

Sex and Psychology Podcast
Sex and Psychology Podcast
Episode 191: The 4 Types of Affairs Women Have

Picture a married heterosexual woman who is having an affair. Why do you think she’s engaging in infidelity? It is purely about sex and pleasure? Is it about intimacy and emotional connection? Is she doing it just because she can? Women’s affairs can take a lot of different forms, so let’s talk about them. In today’s show, we’re going to explore four distinct types of affairs that women have, as well as how women feel about their affairs. Are they happy that they did it, or do they have regrets?

I am joined once again by author Susan Shapiro Barash. She has written thirteen nonfiction books on women’s issues. She also writes fiction under her pen name Susannah Marren. Susan’s latest book is titled A Passion for More: Affairs that Make or Break Us. In this book, Susan presents three decades of research she conducted on heterosexual women in monogamous relationships who committed infidelity.

Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • What motivates women to have affairs?
  • What is the difference between an empowering affair, a sex-driven affair, a love affair, and a self-esteem affair?
  • Are some types of affairs more prevalent than others?
  • How did the pandemic impact women’s infidelity?
  • How do women feel about the affairs they’re had?

Be sure to check out Susan’s website to learn more, and be sure to check out Episode 190 for even more on Susan’s work

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