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The World’s First Sex Toy For Persons With Disabilities is Here

December 6, 2021 by Justin Lehmiller

Sex toys can be a great addition to just about anyone’s sex life because they can add an element of novelty, while also introducing you to new sensations. Sex toys can help you to more fully explore your body and your sexuality, while also boosting passion and excitement in a relationship. However, it can be challenging to tap into these benefits if you have a physical disability.

Many sex toys require a high level of hand control and fine-motor skills, which can make them difficult—if not impossible—to use if, for example, you have a physical disability, a chronic illness such as arthritis, or an injury. That’s why the sex toy company Bump’n has just launched a new line of sex toys for persons with disabilities and hand limitations.

I recently spoke with co-founder of the company, Andrew Gurza, about their first toy, which is now available for pre-order. Gurza is an award winning Disability Awareness Consultant who has spoken all over the world on sex and disability. He is the host of the Disability After Dark podcast and was a previous guest on Episode 12 of my Sex and Psychology Podcast.

A brief transcript of our conversation follows that has been lightly edited for clarity.

Lehmiller: Thank you as always for shining a light on sex and disability, Andrew! Please tell us about this new line of sex toys you are creating for persons with disabilities.

Gurza: Our first toy is The Bump’n Joystick. It is the world’s first disability-driven sex toy, created for and by people with disabilities.  We’ve worked with sexual health and design experts, occupational therapists, and the disabled community to bring it to life.

And because we know that hands are the biggest barrier to self-pleasure for most current toys on the market, we’ve designed ours to remove the reliance on hands and fine motor skills.

Lehmiller: Thank you for sharing that. Can you please tell us more about the target audience for this toy and who it’s for?

Gurza: Hundreds of millions of people worldwide have trouble with masturbation and self-pleasure due to disability, injury, arthritis, and older age.  This means that they are often overlooked and underrepresented in the sex toy market.

There were no toys on the market—until the Bump’n Joystick!—that specifically addressed this need.  We believe that this toy is for everyone to access pleasure.

While it’s been designed for disability first, it is also a toy to be enjoyed by everyone because the universal design makes life better for all of us. I mean, who doesn’t want their hands free to do other things while they are pleasured?

Lehmiller: That is amazing and I love the work you’re doing. So please tell us: how does this toy actually work? 

Gurza: This toy is meant to transfer reliance from fine-motor skills and hands to larger muscle groups in the body.  The top is soft and pillowy for maximum comfort so that someone with limited dexterity can hug into it and increase intimacy.

The bottom section is designed to hold sex toys that you already have or want to try, such as vibrators, wands, dildos, and sleeves.  We are also developing our own vibrators, sleeves, and wands to fit in the holster.

But basically, the way it works is: 1) hug, 2) position, and 3) enjoy! It is gender-neutral, flexible enough to accommodate different body types and disabilities, and designed for both solo and partnered play. So get creative and have fun!

To learn more about the Bump’n Joystick and place an order, visit Bump’n.

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Image Source: Photo courtesy of Bump’n

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