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Seeking Participants For Sex Studies!

March 6, 2020 by Justin Lehmiller

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A few years ago, I launched the Sex Studies page on Sex and Psychology, with the goal of helping to connect sex researchers with prospective participants. I’m pleased to say that it has been a resounding success! Year in and year out, it is consistently one of the most-visited pages on the entire site, which suggests that there’s a great appetite among visitors for participating in sex research.

The page is updated regularly with calls for participation from sex scientists across the globe, with dozens of new studies posted each year. Current participation opportunities cover a wide range of topics, from understanding how porn use impacts relationship satisfaction in couples to the role of relationships in helping people recover from substance use to the motivations behind “catcalling” to attitudes toward the HIV-prevention drug PrEP.

Feel free to participate in as many studies as you would like. However, please be sure to review the eligibility criteria first to ensure that you’re a good fit for a given study before signing up. 

Unfortunately, sex research is an area where grant funding is quite scarce, especially in the USA, where it is hard to get grants for sex studies unless you’re studying STDs. In fact, most of the projects advertised on this page don’t have any financial backing, which can make it challenging to recruit participants.

As a result, any help you can provide by taking part in one or more of these studies and/or by spreading the word about these research opportunities (such as by sharing the Sex Studies page on Facebook or tweeting a link to it) would be greatly appreciated and will help to advance our understanding of human sexuality.

Thank you for your contributions to the science of sex!

Note for sex researchers: If you’d like to have your study listed on this website, please follow the submission instructions listed on the Sex Studies page.

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