The Year in Sex: The 10 Most-Read Articles on Sex and Psychology in 2020

December 28, 2020 by Justin Lehmiller

What. A. Year.

2020 was unusual, to say the least. Our lives and behaviors were altered in a number of ways due to the pandemic—one of which was that many of us ended up spending a lot more time online. Apparently, that included spending more time reading about sex, because I saw rates of traffic to the site increase as COVID-19 kicked into high gear. So what were people reading about?

Let’s look back at this year’s ten most read articles on Sex and Psychology. The following posts represent a very diverse range of content and, combined, they have been read hundreds of thousands of times!

There were a few similarities to last year’s list—in fact, four of the top ten articles overlapped. However, unlike previous year-in-reviews, most of the top 10 in 2020 consisted of brand new entries to the list. As you’ll see, articles related to orgasms, kinks and fetishes, penis size, and what’s “normal” were especially popular this year, as were articles that addressed questions submitted by readers of the blog.

Here’s the countdown of Sex and Psychology’s ten most-read articles in 2020: 

10. Why the Pandemic is Making Some People Horny, but Turning Others Off (New entry, for obvious reasons!)

9. What Do Sadists and Masochists Actually Do In Bed? (Down from #7 last year)

8. How Long Does It Take Men and Women to Reach Orgasm? (New entry)

7. Sex Question Friday: I Want to Watch My Wife Sleep With Someone Else. Is That Normal? (New entry—but it previously appeared in the top 10 for five years in a row and remains one of the most popular articles ever published on the site!)

6. Psychological Characteristics of the Adult Baby/Diaper Lover Fetish Community (New entry)

5. Can Abstaining From Masturbation Increase Testosterone (New entry)

4. What Actually Happens to Your Brain and Body During Sex (New entry)

3. Sex Question Friday: Is “Swallowing” Bad For Your Health? (Down from #1 last year)

2. Fact Check: Are There Really Racial Differences In Penis Size? (Also the #2 article last year)

1. “Injaculation”: Is It Dangerous For Guys To Prevent Ejaculation During Orgasm?  (Up from #4 last year. Incidentally, this was also the top article in 2018.)

Thanks for reading, and here’s to a safe, healthy, happy, and very sexy 2021!

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