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6 Resolutions For Better Sex In The New Year

January 2, 2017 by Justin Lehmiller

Every time a new year rolls around, people start making resolutions for self-improvement–you know, like losing weight, getting your spending under control, or finally giving up smoking. As you ponder your own resolutions, let me give you one more worth considering: resolve to have better sex this year.

Not sure where to start? When in doubt, do what I do and take a cue from science. Here are six scientifically-backed suggestions for enhancing your sex life in 2017.

1. Be more vocal during sex. Research has found that people who make the most noise in bed tend to be the most sexually satisfied. Why is that? For one thing, moaning and groaning help to convey what you like and what feels good, which increases the odds of you getting what you want. In addition, these noises signal appreciation for a partner’s efforts and have the potential to enhance your partner’s sexual arousal, too.

2. Experiment with sex toys. Many women and men report that they have previously used vibrators during sex and, further, those who use these toys tend to report greater sexual satisfaction and better sexual functioning. Vibrators and other sex toys are an easy way of interjecting some novelty and excitement into your sex life.

3. Do your Kegels. A lot of people think that Kegel exercises are a female thing (probably because they were originally developed for women), but that’s not the case at all! Studies have found that Kegel exercises offer a wide range of sexual benefits to both women and men. Not only that, but Kegels also have the potential to help treat and prevent several different kinds of sexual difficulties.

4. Remind yourself that “sex” isn’t just one thing. Research has found that the more activities people engaged in the last time they had sex, the more likely they were to have an orgasm. This was true for both women and men. Perhaps you’ve heard the old saying that “variety is the spice of life?” This research suggests that variety might be the spice of your sex life, too.

5. Be mindful of how much you drink. A lot of people consume alcohol as an aphrodisiac–and when consumed in small quantities, it has a tendency to stimulate sexual desire. However, too much booze is a recipe for sexual problems. Inebriation often leads to temporary sexual difficulties in men and women, such as making it harder to become–and stay–aroused and reach orgasm. Those who chronically abuse alcohol often develop persistent sexual problems.

6. Instead of going right to sleep after sex, try spooning or cuddling. A recent study revealed that the more time people spent on after-sex affection, the happier they were with both their sex lives and relationships. This is yet another finding that held regardless of gender. Thus, it’s not just what you do during sex that matters; what you do afterwards certainly counts for something, too.

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