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Inside The Growing World of Scrotal Enhancement

January 18, 2017 by Justin Lehmiller

The number of men seeking to enhance the size of their penises is on the rise, with guys lining up to buy everything from pills to pumps to stretching devices to fat injections, all designed to give them extra inches in length and/or girth. My guess is that most of you reading this probably already knew that; however, what you might not have known is that men’s interest in genital enhancement actually goes well beyond the penis. In fact, some guys are seeking procedures designed to change the appearance of their scrotums, too–for instance, by making them bigger or less wrinkly.

The small but growing world of scrotal enhancement is the subject of my latest column over at Playboy. In this article, I take a look at four different things that guys are doing to change the way their scrotums look. This includes saline injections and silicone implants for those who want a fuller sac, scrotum lift surgery for those who don’t want “the boys” to hang quite so low, and–no joke–Botox injections of the scrotum (or “Scrotox”) for those who want a few less wrinkles down there.

Check out the full article for a closer look at how these procedures work and what we know about whether or not they’re safe. While you’re over at Playboy, check out the Hard Science column to learn more about the science of sex. Some of my other recent articles include:

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