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Yep, Men Fake Orgasms Too

July 18, 2016 by Justin Lehmiller

If you were asked to imagine someone faking an orgasm, chances are that you’d picture a woman. Why? Because fake orgasms are widely assumed to be unique to women, even among scientists themselves. In fact, until very recently, researchers didn’t even bother to ask men whether they were faking orgasms because they thought they already knew the answer! As it turns out, though, there are a lot of guys who fake orgasms, and who fake them often.

In my latest article over at Playboy, I explore the what science has taught us thus far about pretend orgasms among men. Research on college students finds that a surprisingly large number of guys (approximately 1 in 4) say they’ve had at least one make-believe orgasm before. It also turns out that there are a lot of different reasons men fake it and, further, that it doesn’t necessarily seem to be a bad thing for their sex lives. However, whether men’s fake orgasms are good or bad for their relationships ultimately seems to depend upon their reasons for doing it.

Check out the full article for the details. While you’re over at Playboy, check out the rest of my Hard Science column to learn more about the science of sex. Some of my other recent articles include:

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