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Length vs Girth: Which Matters More to Women When it Comes to Penis Size?

April 25, 2016 by Justin Lehmiller

Many sex researchers have surveyed heterosexual women about their preferences when it comes to penis size. Curiously, though, most of the studies out there have only focused on one dimension of penis size: length. So what do women think about penile circumference, perhaps known more commonly as “girth?” And is one of these two dimensions more important than the other?

For my latest article over at Playboy, I dug up all of the research I could find in which women were asked their thoughts on both length and girth. The available research suggests that girth tends to matter more, but that women’s preferences depend to some extent upon how sexually experienced they are.

Check out the full article for a look at why scientists think this aspect of penis size is more important to women. You’ll also see what women think the optimal girth is, as well as how that compares the the girth of the average penis.

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