Video: The Smelly Mystery Of The Human Pheromone

July 9, 2015 by Justin Lehmiller

“What we need to remember is pheromones are not just about sex, they’re about all sorts of things to do with a mammal’s life.” – Tristram Wyatt

How much do we really know about human pheromones? Not quite as much as the ever-growing number of bottled pheromone peddlers would have you believe. Indeed, it turns out that the scientific study of pheromones is rather complicated. In this TED talk, Dr. Tristram Wyatt explores what we do and don’t know about human pheromones. Although he’s convinced that humans do indeed have pheromones, he argues that we need to look at the published research in this area with a certain amount of caution and perhaps rethink our approach to studying pheromones in the future. Dr. Wyatt’s analysis of this topic is absolutely fascinating and after watching this video, you’ll walk away with a greater appreciation for the diverse set of roles that pheromones can play (hint: they go well beyond attraction and mating), not to mention the vast implications that pheromone research might ultimately have for human life.

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