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The 10 Most Popular Questions On Sex And Psychology

September 8, 2014 by Justin Lehmiller


For this week’s edition of Sex Question Friday, I’ve compiled a list of the ten most read answers to readers’ sex questions. These questions span quite a range of topics, but most are united by a single theme: “What’s normal when it comes to sex?” I hope you’ll see in these answers that “normal” does not mean just one thing. Keep those questions coming!

10. Why do some people have fetishes? (Studies suggest that many fetishes are learned behaviors, and that we can learn fetishes for virtually anything!)

9. My boyfriend likes wearing women’s stockings. Is he gay? (Probably not. Most male cross-dressers aren’t gay—they tend to be heterosexual, married men.)

8. What percentage of women reach orgasm from intercourse alone? (Based on the research I’ve seen, about half of the women surveyed report this.)

7. Do women enjoy anal sex? (Many do, and it is becoming an increasingly common sexual activity among women today).

6. Why do men get “morning wood?” (Hint: it’s not because guys dream about sex a lot!)

5. Is deeper penetration better? (For most women, not necessarily—but for some it is. In fact, some women can reach orgasm from stimulation of the cervix.)

4. I want to watch my wife sleep with someone else. Is that normal? (Believe it or not, this is a surprisingly common sexual fantasy among men. For a more recent and even more detailed look at the research in this area, check out this article.)

3. Why are so many straight men into transsexual porn? (This is also a very common sexual interest among men and, contrary to popular belief, most men who are attracted to male-to-female transsexuals are not gay.)

2. What is the average penis size? (It depends which study you consult and who’s doing the measuring…)

1. Can a man be allergic to his own semen? (It turns out that this can happen, and it’s known as post-orgasmic illness syndrome.)

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