Making Sex Normal (VIDEO)

November 24, 2014 by Justin Lehmiller


“When sex is treated as abnormal, doctors and patients don’t talk about sex…We don’t talk about it or teach it in schools…People sometimes say inaccurate or insensitive things…We don’t even know what’s true about sex because we’re not talking about it.” – Debby Herbenick

There are a lot of great TED talks out there about sex, but one of my personal favorites is Dr. Debby Herbenick’s presentation on “Making Sex Normal.” It was first released last year and it remains a must-watch for anyone who hasn’t already seen it. Even if you’ve already watched it, though, I would encourage you to check it out again. In her talk, Dr. Herbenick reminds us of the important consequences of living in a society where sex is viewed negatively and not openly discussed, and she offers a number of great practical suggestions for changing that. However, we all need to do our part and we can’t just think of this as a one-time thing. Making sex normal requires an ongoing commitment. Check out the video below, then share how you make sex normal here.

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