Remote-Controlled Underwear Can Let Your Partner In Your Pants Anywhere

January 13, 2014 by Justin Lehmiller


The hottest trend in sex toys right now is teledildonics. If this word is new to your vocabulary, it refers to electronic sex toys that can be controlled by computers and smartphones. A number of these devices have hit the market in recent years, but the one everyone is talking about right now is a set of panties with a built-in vibrator that can be controlled by a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone.

The product is known as blueMotion, created by sex toy company OhMiBod, and it will reportedly retail for $129. It isn’t officially available for purchase yet, but interested parties can sign up on the company’s website for an email notification as soon as it is.

The toy is something that you can control on your own, or something you can allow a partner to control. All your partner would need to do is pair their phone with your panties and download the app (available in iOS and Android). The app has touch controls that allow the user to adjust the speed and intensity of the vibrations. You can also create unique vibration patterns via the recording feature. This will allow you to record one-minute segments of your favorite songs and have the panties vibrate in sync with the beat. Alternatively, you can even record your own voice for a more personalized vibe. There’s never been a better way to deliver bad news to your partner!

Keep in mind that because the product is designed to work via Bluetooth, the “operator” needs to be within range of the panties. So, this isn’t designed for long-distance lovers, at least not until a Wi-Fi or 3G version becomes available. I’m still not sure what the optimal use would be for a sex toy like this, but at the very least, I suppose it represents one way to transform a boring dinner party into an evening to remember.

To learn about other advances in teledildonics, check out this story.

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