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July 2, 2013 by Justin Lehmiller

I founded The Psychology of Human Sexuality one and a half years ago in order to share the science of sex, love, and relationships in a way that is both accessible and engaging, but that doesn’t replicate most of the other sexuality blogs out there. So many of those blogs make claims based only upon one individual’s personal experiences and beliefs. Don’t get me wrong—there’s certainly a place for those websites, and I have been known to enjoy them from time to time myself. I just don’t think they should be your only source of information about sex because certain questions can only be answered through scientific research.

I am pleased to say that The Psychology of Human Sexuality recently achieved a major milestone: one million total page views! The phenomenal growth of this site has far exceeded my expectations and it has been both humbling and gratifying to be in a position that gives me the opportunity to answer your questions, correct common myths and misconceptions about sex and sexuality, and provide some of you with much-needed daily distractions from work.

Thank you to all of my readers for checking out the blog, sharing the articles, submitting your questions, and providing your comments. The Psychology of Human Sexuality continues to be the most fun, exciting, and rewarding aspect of my job and it’s all because of you. I look forward to bringing you millions more pages of sex, but in the meantime, here’s a list of the ten most read articles on the blog to date in case you missed them or just can’t get enough sex.

10. Do Gay Men’s Sex Lives Match Up With The Stereotypes?

9. 5 Myths About Homosexuality Debunked By Science

8. Sex Question Friday: Why Do Men Get “Morning Wood?”

7. A Top Ten List of Women’s Sexual Fantasies: Zac Efron, Fire Fighters, Batman, And More

6. Panting, And Moaning, And Screaming, Oh My! Why Noisy Sex Is Better Sex

5. A Top Ten List of Men’s Sexual Fantasies: Football, Threesomes, Star Wars and More

4. The 5 Strangest Things Discovered Inside Women’s Vaginas

3. What Do Men and Women Focus On When They Watch Porn? The Answer Will Probably Surprise You

2. Oddities in the History of Contraception: From Coca-Cola Douches to Beaver Testicle Tea

1. Oddities In The History Of Sex Research: Homosexual Necrophilia In The Mallard Duck

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