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Are There Any Established Ways To Increase Penis Size?

June 13, 2016 by Justin Lehmiller

Many guys have body image issues and, more often than not, those issues center around penis size–even among men who are perfectly normal in size to begin with. As a result, great demand has developed for techniques and treatments that can enhance penis size, culminating in the emergence of a multi-million dollar penile augmentation industry. There are now numerous ‘male enhancement’ products on the market, but the one question a lot of guys are asking is this: do any of them actually work?

In my latest article over at Playboy, I explore all of the different treatments currently available, including pills and supplements, penis pumps, penile extenders (i.e., stretching devices), and augmentation surgeries. The available evidence suggests that, for the most part, these products don’t deliver on their promises, with the exception of the extenders, which may offer limited benefits to dedicated users.

Check out the full article for a closer look at the data. While you’re over at Playboy, check out the rest of my Hard Science column to learn more about the science of sex. Some of my other recent articles include:

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