The 5 Most Unusual Sex Toys You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

June 22, 2015 by Justin Lehmiller

During the last few decades, sex toys have undergone a major transformation. Manufacturers have gone from producing toys with extremely utilitarian designs to those that pay a lot of attention to aesthetics in an attempt to provide a more lifelike look and feel. But that’s not the only way sex toys have changed. Sex toy manufacturers have increasingly begun to develop products that cater to persons with all kinds of unusual sexual interests. In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the more interesting sex toys I’ve ever come across.

1.) The Clown Vibrator. Yep, it’s a vibrator in the shape of a clown, and you can buy it from Amazon (as I’ve noted before, Amazon has quickly become the world’s largest sex toy shop, where you can buy stripper poles, blow-up dolls, 55-gallon drums of lube and more). Personally, I’ve always been in the camp that finds clowns to be terrifying (I blame a certain Stephen King book I read when I was 12-years-old for that one), but it turns out that some people actually have clown fetishes, sometimes referred to as coulrophilia. I can’t say I’ve seen any published research on this topic, but if you do a quick Google search for “clown fetish,” you’ll come across some online groups devoted to it. It turns out that clown porn is a real thing too.

2.) The Vajankle. This one is for people who like feet—people who REALLY like feet. And there are a lot of them out there, given that feet are the single most common fetish object. Basically, the vajankle is a silicone foot with a vagina built into the ankle. The manufacturer aptly describes it on their website as “a bangable foot.” It can be customized to your personal preferences too, being available in 13 different skin tones and with multiple toenail options. The standard vajankle only comes as a single left foot, but not to worry, you can order a right foot to go along with it if you so desire.

3.) The Inflatable Sexy Girl Pony. Have you ever heard of Brony culture? I’m talking about adult men who are superfans of the television series My Little Pony. These guys not only enjoy and relate to the series, but they also sometimes dress up like their favorite characters. Well, there are some guys who take their love of this show to a whole other level, and they’re known as “cloppers”—these guys actually pleasure themselves to My Little Pony (some of whom apparently visit this website). Every clopper’s dream came true earlier this year when it was announced that a Chinese manufacturer would begin producing a life-size, inflatable sex doll that looks like one of the most popular characters from the show.

4.) Fleshlight Freaks. Remember how I said sex toys have become more and more lifelike in recent years? Well, a few manufacturers have started reversing course because some sex toys are starting to look more like they came from the undead. Fleshlight Freaks is a new line of sex toys that offers everything from zombie dildos to Frankenstein vagina sleeves (also available in Dracula and cyborg). The perfect gift for the “clopper” equivalents of fans of The Walking Dead and True Blood.

5.) The Pleasure Periscope. It’s exactly what it sounds like—a vibrator with a built-in periscope. And it’s available from—you guessed it!—Amazon. Basically, this device allows one to see what’s going on four inches inside their partner’s body through a lighted periscope, all while their partner is being stimulated. I have to imagine the fatal flaw with this design is that one might get a serious case of motion sickness from staring into a vibrating periscope.

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