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The Science Behind The Male Multiple Orgasm

June 3, 2015 by Justin Lehmiller

For years, multiple orgasms are something that both scientists and laypersons alike have viewed as being unique to women, not to mention a relatively common part of the female sexual experience. Indeed, as Masters and Johnson noted in their 1966 book Human Sexual Response:

“The human female frequently is not content with one orgasmic experience during episodes of [clitoral stimulation]…Many well-adjusted women enjoy a minimum of three of four orgasmic experiences before they reach apparent satiation.” (p. 64)

As it turns out, however, multiple orgasms are not a distinctly female phenomenon after all. While they appear to be more common in women, multiple orgasms are not unique to women. Research has found that many men report having experience with multiple orgasms and, moreover, that guys may be able to teach themselves how to become multiply orgasmic. For a look at the science behind the male multiple orgasm, check out my latest article over at Playboy. I dug up all of the research that exists on this topic, and what I found was pretty fascinating.

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